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Social Media Has Become an Epidemic. It’s Changed How Our World Communicates. That’s a Given.

Social Media is here to stay and as a business owner, you know that you need to market your business on social media to become or remain visible to your target market.

However, like many business owners; content creation does not take precedent over the more pressing priorities on your daily check-list.

And that’s okay! Stop beating yourself up or stressing over the chore of social media.

Utilize our expertise and never worry about what to post again.
“I have been a 1-Stop Media client for 4 years and love that for an affordable price they are able to take this part of my business off of my to-do list!!”
-Brian Dickmann, Business Owner
We offer simple, affordable and customized social media marketing solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are…

struggling to keep their business social


aren’t sure how to produce and deliver content


or just plain don’t like doing it!

1-Stop Media will help you share content faster and easier allowing you to save time and focus on the growth of your business instead of trying to figure out what to post!
For one low monthly price of $99. Yes we said $99!
Still not sure…
Meet the Social Media Mastermind behind 1-Stop Media

She is a small business owner just like you!

She once struggled to keep her business social.

Her expertise comes from experience, trial by error, extensive research and plenty of failures. Over the years, she has learned exactly what it is that business owners struggle with most. It is these life lessons in social media marketing that have inspired her to provide her fellow business owners with a service that will make a difference in their business the same way it has for her!

Her goal is to use her expertise to help others find the hidden revenue opportunities in Social Media so that they too can achieve the success they deserve without the stress that social media causes them!

“I am a busy General Manager and don’t even have a personal Facebook Page! I don’t enjoy social media and gladly outsource this task to 1-Stop Media! They keep us where our customers are and I never have to lift a finger.”
-Eddie Williams, General Manager
We have a wide array of clients in countless different industries and the common theme is that small business owners and entrepreneurs never have enough hours in the day.
We have found that when time is a challenge, posting to your Facebook page often takes a backseat! Statistics show that many owners are buckling under the added social-media marketing workload.
Don’t fall into this category!
If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you are in the right place!
Do you worry and stress about having to create daily social media content?
Are you unsure of what to post?
Do you find it challenging to find the time required to create the kind of content that your audience will engage with?
You’re not alone! The struggle is real.

That is why we offer Social Media Content Management Packages to busy and overwhelmed business owners and entrepreneurs to help them maintain a consistent, branded and professional presence on Facebook.

Stop losing current and potential customers to competitors with a better online presence. When customers go looking for you, your presence should stand out, show your brand voice and establish credibility with your audience.

Get started today, and take advantage of this deal before Allison comes to her senses!

“I tried writing my own content and found that it was time consuming and unenjoyable for me. It was like a chore that I never wanted to do! Having a dedicated Content Creation Expert handle this for me has been life-changing. Thank you 1-Stop Media!”
-Noreen A. Iliff-Ness, Business Owner
Here’s what your $99 package includes…

We will create and consistently post content to your Facebook or Instagram Business accounts!


Our on staff Content Creation Experts will research your business and create content that is unique to your specific business. (No cookie cutter content here!)


Content and imagery created and carefully chosen to attract your ideal customer, showcase your brand voice and highlight what sets you apart from your competitors!


Weekly promotion of your businesses products, services and events.


Customer Support via email, chat and phone.

For ONLY $99/month!
And guess what?
Getting Started is EASY.

Action Item 1: Sign up (takes less than 10 minutes)

Click on the Get Social Today button to begin. Create an account, and enter your payment details.

Action Item 2: Tell us about you and your business!

In this step, you will be provided with the opportunity to share with us details about your business, products and services! In addition, we encourage you to send us anything that you would like us to know along with images and other marketing materials! This helps us get to know you so that we can get started!

Action Item 3: Pat yourself on the back for making a great decision!

Within 14 business days of receiving all of the necessary information, we will have your account up and running!
“It has been a pleasure working with 1-Stop Media. They have been handling my social media accounts for about a year and really helped my business during a time when even thinking about posting to Facebook caused me stress! This service has saved me so much time that I am able to focus more on business operations and my family.”
-Bethany Peterson, Business Owner

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