Hey there, I just wanted to stop in and tell you about a new Marketing Tool that I have been utilizing to drive traffic to my Facebook Page and Website for a few months now. I am loving the results and feel confident that it would be a great tool for you also. Technology changes daily, and the newest trend is Proximity Marketing! In this Coaching Blog I will explain this new and innovative technology!

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing automatically promotes your message or link on every nearby Android phone within a signal range of 100m in every direction. What’s very unique about this new software is that it does this without the need for the customer to download an App or having to click to accept your promotion. The only requirement is that, they have their Bluetooth switched on, which research shows that on average 70% of phone users have their Bluetooth on at any given time and furthermore statistics shows that 60% of customers use Android phones.

An observation worth noting is that because we don’t want customers to regard your promotion as spam, it does not cause the phone to vibrate, beep or ring. Your message simply shows up in their notification area and when they swipe down to view notifications your promotion will appear alongside their text messages, Facebook notifications, emails, missed calls etc.

So How Does it Work?

We give you a tiny wireless device. It is battery powered and lasts up to two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection. You simply take it out of the box and you’re up and running.

You then decide the promotional message you want to broadcast together with your target audience and your Gem does the rest. You can send unlimited promotions consisting of between 40-50 characters including a link to any website such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or any SECURE Website. Meaning the link must begin with https: (The (S) stands for Secure). Also when you link to any Social Media website the Icon for that site will show up in your promotion making it more attractable for the message to be opened.

How Might you Determine your Audience?

The options are limitless. Just imagine for a moment attending a football game with 60 thousand plus people in attendance, a concert perhaps, it could be a festival, or simply sitting in your local restaurant. The fact of the matter is that our Gem’s benefits every business of every kind regardless of size!

Do you have a Storefront?

Just think about Storefronts for a moment, Restaurants, Salons, Fitness Clubs, Boutiques, Flower Shops and other such businesses, all have one thing in common – they want to attract new customers. Imagine how amazing it would be to send a special offer straight to the smartphone of everyone walking by your premises or just sending a message to your existing customers while they are in your premises advising them of special offers available that day.

Are you a Realtor?

What about Realtors, all you do is keep a Gem in your car which will allow you to promote your brand wherever you go. You could also keep one in each office location which in turn would provide 24/7 marketing to everyone walking by. Another key attribute would be to attach a Gem to your open house signage to share directions and photos. The opportunities are endless.

Are you a Service Provider?

From Personal Trainers to Plumbers, Contractors to Cleaners – your business is on the move, and your marketing should follow you. Thanks to this amazing new technology, it has never been easier to achieve this.  Now you can put a Gem on your key-chain and everywhere you go, everyone within a 100m will know who you are and what you have to offer. You could also give one to your partner/spouse to take to their place of employment, a further way to increase visibility for your product or service.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no set up fee’s or hidden fee’s, you simply pay a small monthly fee of $29 which qualifies you for 3 Gems and should you require additional gems a further $8 per month per unit, and there is a one-time refundable security deposit of $50. When your colleagues see you with this remarkable technology, they will want it too and when you recommend it to 3 others, yours is then FREE.

In conclusion:

Wireless devices like this have been in use for the past 3-4 years but only by large companies like Walmart, Target, Tesco or other major corporate’s that could afford to build expensive apps and who had a corporate presence big enough to entice the customer to download their app.  So for-instance if I had the app for Walmart and was shopping inside the store and there was a promotion on a certain product, then once I would visit that section of the store I would get notification of that promotion. Of course the problem with this is that not everyone likes downloading apps and regardless, how many apps can you have on your phone?

Unique Selling Proposition of this Product

  1. The new Gem Marketing System provides a level playing field for all businesses regardless of size!
  2. The receiver of your message/promotion does not need to download an app!
  3. The method of distribution is none intrusive!
  4. You can change your promotion every 24 hrs!
  5. Three Gems promoting your business every day!
  6. Increased traffic to your website and social media platforms, hence increased Google Visibility!


Bring your business to the next level with this amazing technology today!!

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