Marketing strategies can be a tricky process to figure out, especially when utilizing social media. For most companies, the realization of social media’s major role in the company strategy has finally sunk in. Social media is a communication tool that can strengthen the relationship between a company and its audiences. Often frowned upon by other departments looking for a clear-cut ROI, social media provides that intrinsic value that customers are looking for. So how does a company provide this level of value through social media? The key is consistency.

No Social Media Left Behind

The sad truth is a lot of companies abandon their social media platforms. They start up a Facebook page or Twitter account, make a couple posts in the first month or so, and then the account is forgotten. If you don’t have the time to take care of your social media account, you have two options: either delegate account responsibilities to someone in the organization or remove it from the Internet. We can avoid the latter option altogether and focus on rebuilding your social media presence through the power of consistency. Consistently posting content on the appropriate social media platforms, keeping a consistent voice, and engaging on a consistent basis with your audience will improve your company’s reputation, credibility, and customer relations.

Staying Relevant

By posting content regularly on your social media accounts, it lets your audience know you are relevant. It says you are up with the current trends and want interaction to occur among your online community. If posts are not frequent enough, you could lose followers, with customers developing a negative perception toward your company.

Your Company’s Voice

While it is important to keep your social media sites full of content, it is equally important that the content is a clear depiction of your company’s culture. It is your company’s voice and source of communication to your audience, so speak as if your company is a human being. Represent your company to the audience you are trying to attract in a consistent manner. If the content should be serious, be serious. Never underestimate the importance of having a strategy for the type of content you will share and how it will be shared.

Less Push, More Pull

Companies are often pushing their products out through tweets or posts on Facebook, but the reality is, these social media platforms are more of a tool for two-way communication – not one-way. Consistent engagement should occur between you and your audience; so do not ignore them. Make a connection with your followers and if they are contacting you, respond. Consumers want a response almost immediately, and if you take too long to respond, you may have unhappy customers. Interact with your audience by being transparent and genuine. Timely and relevant responses are essential to gain happy, loyal customers who will provide positive word of mouth experiences to other mobile users.

So take back control of your social media websites. Reach out to your audience, stay present, and keep posting. Consistency will keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds and will keep people engaged.

Conclusion: Commit or stay home! 

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