1. Order. By signing below you authorize us to move forward with the terms agreed to above and to provide the services listed in the Agreement. The “Agreement Date” is the date you sign this Agreement. 2. Notices/How to Contact Us. All notices to us must be in writing and mailed to 1-STOP MEDIA LLC 9515 E. Heroy Court, Spokane, WA 99206. Cancellation notices must include your business name, telephone number, address and authorized business owner/agent name and signature and be submitted with 30 days notice. For questions about this Agreement or your social media package, please contact your 509-218-0551. 3. Term. Subject to automatic renewal unless otherwise provided in the Agreement terms, (i) the initial term for service is the period we provide such service and (ii) this initial term is 3 months or such other period as is set forth in the Agreement.. If you wish to buy out of your contract, the fee is %25 of your remaining contract.

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