The Power of Social Media for Car Dealerships

The conversation around social media has become increasingly common in recent years. We all know it exists and many of us are deeply engaged with it.

What truly surprises me, however, is the number of business owners who use social media in their free time, even during work hours, yet neglect their own businesses’ social media presence. This disconnect results in missed opportunities and stunted potential for their businesses.

Let me shed some light on the importance of taking these platforms seriously.

Social media is where people spend their time. With 2.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, it’s a bustling hub of activity and engagement. Despite this, car dealerships often have a ghostly presence on these platforms. They may have a page with a few followers, but they aren’t leveraging social media to its full potential.

Many in the automotive sales industry view managing social media as a burden or a chore, delegating it as an afterthought. This mentality needs to change. Social media offers car dealerships exposure to billions of people. Treating this as a minor task is a huge oversight.

Social media holds the attention of the masses. So why aren’t car dealerships capitalizing on this to build brand awareness? The person who sees your content might not be in the market for a car, but their aunt or neighbor might be.

The potential of social media for car dealerships is immense but often underutilized. This underutilization stems from a lack of understanding and skills among sales managers and dealership owners.

Understanding the power of social media is just the beginning. Posting content is one thing, but advertising on social media is another level entirely. Effective social media advertising allows hyper-targeting of your ideal customer, delivering the right offer at the right time directly to their living rooms. This capability is remarkable and transformative for any dealership.

No car dealership would turn down the chance to reach their ideal customer with the perfect offer at the perfect time. Yet many still dismiss social media as a burden. This attitude needs to change, or dealerships risk being left behind as competitors embrace the digital age.

The automotive industry has changed more in the past five years than in the previous decade. Customers now arrive at showrooms better informed and visit fewer dealerships before making a purchase, thanks to the digital landscape.

What was once viewed as a burden is now a lifeline. If your dealership doesn’t embrace social media, your competitors will—and they’ll thrive because of it.

It’s time to change the dealership mentality. View social media as a golden opportunity, not a burden. Get on social media, start being social, and watch your customer base grow. Your potential customers—and your bottom line—will thank you.

Allison Rose Sattin
Chief Marketing Officer

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