The marketing world has been taken over by the influence of social media. Years ago Facebook and Instagram were used as platforms for users to update their friends and family on what’s going on in their lives. Today businesses have taken advantage of these platforms for advertising, promoting and educating amongst other things. For some businesses this transformation creates a feeling of excitement, others feel dread. It is a newer marketing concept, so there is no shame in feeling a bit overwhelmed. Luckily you have the Social Media Superheroes at 1-Stop Media to save the day!

Content Is Made for You – and Only You
We eat, sleep and breathe content creation at 1-Stop Media. Our passionate team goes above and beyond to create unique, personalized content that makes your business stick out of the crowd. For only 99 dollars a month we will transform you online presence, without changing your brand image.

There are several steps that occur behind the scenes of our content creation process. When you sign up for our marketing package, our experts will post content specifically made for your Facebook or Instagram Business accounts. You even pick out how often you want us to post! We always encourage our clients to add their own personal touch to the process so you always feel in control. We never want you to think your social media pages are drifting away from the core of your brand image.

We Will Know Your Business Like the Back of Our Hands
We always start by researching your business to get a better understanding of the way you want to present yourself to the world. With 1-Stop Media we respect and care about your business. We want to help you, not change you. Our team puts our energy into keeping your account unique and appealing to your audience and potential clients. We will study your website, and current social media pages (if you have them) to get a full understanding of your brand.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Imagery is everything when it comes to social media. As you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, you subconsciously judge a post based off of the image you see. 1-Stop Media you will be able to showcase your brand with attractive imagery that catches eyes right away. As a business owner you should have the ability to tell us what kind of images you prefer to be posted. The more personalized photos you can provide, the more your clients will connect with the post. Never underestimate the power of a good image!

Promoting is Our Passion
We don’t stray away from promoting your businesses on your social media accounts. Keep us updated with your weekly specials, new products or upcoming events and we will get the word out! This is your business page, you should have content that increases your sales and potential clients. If that isn’t happening, then we aren’t doing our job right.

We Will Always Have Your Back
Communication is key, and we highly value it at 1-Stop Media. One of the benefits you will receive with our 99 dollars a month package is customer support. You can reach us via email, chat and phone whenever you have questions or concerns. Our goal is to make sure you feel heard and aren’t in the dark when it comes to the content being posted on your pages.

Along with all of the physical benefits of our marketing package, 1-Stop Media is here to support and uplift you. We are not here to school you in all things social media, we are here to bring out all of the wonderful qualities your business has to offer. Never hesitate to speak up if you have ideas for new content, it is your page after all!

Starting the Process
Our goal is to make the setup process easy and efficient. Start by clicking on the “Get Social Today” button on the home page of our website. That link takes you to your account setup. Our setup process includes creating your account and entering in payment details. After that we will begin the researching process! During this time, you give us details about your business and your social media goals. We like to go in depth while getting to know your brand so that the content is highly personalized. The last step is the hardest of them all… give yourself a pat on the back for making a great decision.

We Can’t Wait to Talk to You Soon
The social media world is constantly keeping us on our toes with innovative, cutting edge ideas. We love that the industry is always changing, it doesn’t scare us, it motivates us. There is nothing we would rather do than up your social media game and get your business social today!

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