1-Stop Media’s

Business Marketing Program
I can’t tell you how many cold calls and referrals we receive each month from business owners looking for help on a particular marketing project, and all of these calls share some common elements.

I need this done by Friday!
I’m on a budget!
The last guy tried to charge me a ridiculous rate!

1-Stop Media has the solution.

Our VIP Business Marketing Program is only $199/year.


1-Stop Media is offering select clients a unique opportunity to become a member and take advantage of HUGE discounts.

Our ANNUAL $199 membership gives you exclusive access to a wide variety of marketing activities – whatever you need in a particular month, at a 75% discounted rate!

As a VIP Member you will be able to take care of all your marketing needs in one spot for 75% off our regular retail price.

This membership provides you with access to highly-specialized, professional talent that’ll deliver growth-oriented marketing for far less than the cost of payrolling a W-2 or hiring an overinflated agency.

Are you tired of always shopping for the best rate?
Are you tired always searching for someone who has time to take on last minute projects?

Do you feel like you’re being nickel and dimed?

Your business needs consist, affordable and quality marketing services in order to grow and sustain.

1-Stop Media’s VIP Business Marketing Program is the quality, convenient and affordable solution that you have been searching for.

Keep reading to learn how it all works.

What Are the Benefits Of Our VIP Business Marketing Program?

We're A Flexible Resource.

The beauty of this this membership is that you’ll have the ability to utilize our services however you need to in a given month. Because of this, we are the perfect extension of your team thanks to our specialized talent and skills so that you can plug us into whatever marketing projects you need help with from month to month.
You’ll get access to a flexible, skilled marketing resource without the insane costs of hiring an agency or adding full-time employees to your payroll!

We're Affordable.

Because of our unique business model and passion to serve small local business owners, we’ve taken a creative approach to delivering premium marketing services. Our approach has yielded significantly-more competitive pricing for our clients and value than what other agencies can offer.

This model also allows us to facilitate access to a curated network of professional marketers, writers, designers, and technology specialists to work on your projects.


We Deliver Exactly What You Need Without the Headaches.

Through your membership, you’ll have a single point of contact to work with. You can think of us as your strategist, account manager, and project manager all rolled up into one super awesome resource that’ll become an extension of your own team.

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