In 2008, I had the ‘light bulb’ idea of owning a restaurant. I opened my first one that Spring. 6 months later, I learned how hard owning your
own business really was. Since then, I have started 9 new businesses ranging from the hospitality industry to my now Social Media Marketing Firm. With each new project, I have made mistakes and learned something new.🔥

Here are my 10 most-valuable lessons, that I’ve learned along the way:😎

1⃣️ What You Want to Sell is RARELY What Others Want to Buy
👉🏻Over 500,000 people decide to become entrepreneurs every single month. Yet 80% of them will fail. Why? Because most people are more concerned with the desire to start a business, than the desire to solve problems.

2⃣ ‘Making Money’ Does NOT Come From Hard Work or Hustle
👉🏻I get it, that’s what we were all taught in school. But school teaches us to be employees, not entrepreneurs. Profitable entrepreneurs are doing two things, they are reaching more people, and they are solving more problems. Their revenue is equal to the value they deliver in the marketplace, not their “effort.”

3⃣️ “Good Ideas” and Opportunities are NOT SCARCE.
👉🏻Entrepreneurs know that ideas are a dime a dozen. And those that accomplish more have mastered the ‘Art of Saying NO!’

4⃣ “Tactics Change, Principles do NOT”
Every month, there’s a new “tool” or “trick” that sends everyone into a frenzy. Most people struggle to keep up in an industry that changes at the speed of light. The truth is, the basic principles of social media, influence, communication, buying behavior and selling NEVER change. Master those, and let everyone else chase the latest “shiny object.”

5⃣️ No Matter What Business You’re in, You’re in the Business of MARKETING
👉🏻Most people get into business to focus on their craft (ie baking cupcakes, filing tax returns, etc). The reality is, every business owner MUST master marketing FIRST. Because no matter how great your product or service is, it will never sell itself.

6⃣ There is NO Competition
👉🏻…only a limited perspective. To think there is a “fixed pie” available in the marketplace that is being gobbled up by your competitors, is an illusion. Rising tides ALWAYS lifts all ships and collaboration over competition wins.

7⃣ You can’t do it alone, so why try?
👉🏻Today, there’s just too much to do, and only so many hours in a day. You can’t be GREAT at what you do, if you’re doing it all alone. But the resources available to hire out services, automate or delegate makes it easier than ever before to attract the right people to support your vision.

8⃣️ Your Happiness is Far More Important Than Money
👉🏻If you’re not happy doing what you’re doing… don’t do it.

9⃣️ Structure is the Path to More Freedom
👉🏻Creating a systems-dependent business with processes and SOP’s is NOT sexy, but the freedom it gives you IS! The more structure you have inside your business, the more freedom you get in your life.

1⃣️0⃣️ It’s ALL About Helping Others
👉🏻If you want more “passion,” help people. If you need a “why,” help people. If you’re in a funk, a rut or a plateau, it’s because you’ve forgotten what we’re all here to do: make a difference in someone else’s life. When you remember that, you’ll become unstoppable.

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