Do you have a Weekend Social Media routine? As a business, you need to remember that social media is 24×7, you don’t have an off on any given day. You need to be ready with a plan-of-action for through the week, and the weekend as well!
Scheduling posts, being less interactive, or skipping some questions to take a call on weekdays are understood but your business sleeping on Weekends is not!

In this Coaching Blog, we will take a look at few of the content ideas which businesses can exercise over the weekend on Social Media.

1. Talk about Offline Weekend events

List down the best offline events happening in your city/state this weekend! Talk about them, engage your users with them, ask questions or recommend the best of events. You can also run a contest around an event and give the winners a free entry ticket.
Over the weekend your audiences make plans to go out with their friends and family. When they see a potential plan for them recommended by a brand they follow, they won’t ignore it for sure.

2. Funny Videos, Memes, Gifs and Images

We all look forward to weekends for fun, joy and relax. People are often more relaxed on the weekends, and not constantly running to get their work and errands done! Try to cheer them up, share funny videos, memes and GIFs where they don’t have to put stress on their mind and it will crack them up as well at the same time. They won’t hesitate to hit share or like your content!

3. Focus on Mobile, keep things very Simple and Easy

Do you really think your audience will be sticking to their PCs on Weekends? I don’t think so, mostly they will be using their smartphones or tablets. We all know Smartphone and tablets have revolutionized how consumers access content.
Make sure you are sharing content with easy call-to-actions and simple to interact with. Don’t expect them to fill-out a form or follow some 7-10 steps, it has to be instant.

4. Motivational Quotes, Thoughts and Videos

Sharing quotes, thoughts and Inspirational videos is a great idea. Quotes that are inspirational or motivational make people feel good and more connected with the content. Don’t feel that your quotes, thoughts or videos must directly relate to your brand, or even come from someone in your specific industry. As long as they can emotionally connect with your audiences, consider that your job is done!

5. Don’t Ignore Pinterest/Instagram on Weekends

Visuals are great at entertaining, informing, and eliciting emotional responses in a format that is eye-catching. Thus do not ignore these visual platforms and tap these mediums on a more personal level for the weekend. Researchers suggest that Pinterest and Instagram are most active platforms on Weekends as users keep sharing images they click on-the-go! Here are some cool resources for images to share on Social Media.

Expert Bonus Tip: Solve Their Problems
Social media is not just for 10-7 on Weekdays! Your customers can constantly share their feeling with you, and are waiting for immediate assistance if they get stuck somewhere. They don’t care which day of the week it is. If you want to leverage social media and stand out from other brands, help people on Social Media. It won’t take much time for the seeker to follow/connect with you if you’re making sense.

In Conclusion:

Your office may be closed for the weekend, but social networks aren’t. If you aren’t using some of the time to interact with your customers and prospects you’re missing a great opportunity. Make it part of your weekend routine, to connect with your customers. Invest time as well to understand what your audiences share on weekends, thus accordingly you can set a proper content strategy.

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