6 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Needs Content Marketing

 Content creation is one of the most important aspects of your brand’s online presence. When content marketing is executed correctly, customers will feel that they have gained trust, knowledge and confidence when choosing your brand over others. You’re not selling a product or service, you are selling an experience, and we’re here to help you with that.

 Your Page Needs to Attract Attention

 Consumers love to research brands online before they buy a product or service. Your page should be informational, insightful and unique. With consistent, creative content being posted on your page, your viewers will feel more involved with your brand. Adding content marketing into your social media strategy ensures that your brand exposure will increase without making customers feel like you are pushing products on them. Consumers want to feel in control of their buying process, content marketing helps them obtain that feeling!

 Keeping Your Social Media Pages Exciting 

 With content marketing, the sky is the limit! Did you know that the following items are considered content marketing?




            -Press Releases


Utilize your Facebook and Instagram platforms to expand brand recognition without using ads! Creating fresh content that comes in different shapes and sizes will intrigue your audience. Anyone can make a post on Facebook, your message within the post is what matters.


Advertise Creatively

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital advertising technique that increases your brand’s exposure online. The purpose of SEO is to increase website user friendliness, and boost the ranking of your website compared to others when entered into a search engine. It is an essential component of a social media marketing strategy, that can be especially helpful when using keywords that increase accessibility for users who are trying to find your page.

 Many businesses fail to remember that SEO is only a section of digital marketing and advertising. Your brand can be the first link to pop up on Google, but that’s just the first step. Users are more interested in what your page has to say. In the eyes of consumers, a page without consistent, creative content is just a page with meaningless words. What story is your business telling? 

 Add Value to Your Brand

 Consumers need to feel confident about their choice to choose your product over a competitor. The reality is that your brand might be selling products and services that are identical to several other companies nearby. You will stand out by selling an experience rather than just a product or service. The more meaningful content your brand has, the more trust customers will have with you.

Build Relationships That Last

 Generating new leads and sales from online marketing and advertising is always the best feeling! Sometimes is can be easy to get caught up in going after as many leads as possible and not focusing as much on your current customers. Utilize content marketing as a way to build customer relationships that last long-term! Loyal customers not only create continuous revenue, but also create organic, free advertising from word-of-mouth interactions. As your business grows and evolves, you want to make sure your repeat customers are being taken care of.

 You Don’t Have to Break the Bank for Content Marketing

 Content marketing seems complex and expensive considering all of it’s components. Content Creators are trained to know how to specifically reach out to your brand’s audience. At 1-Stop Media we have a marketing package that only costs 99 dollars a month! We create a social media marketing strategy that is designed for your brand, and your brand only. All you have to do is explain what story your brand is telling, and we will help you write it.

 Boost Your Social Media Presence Today

 At 1-Stop Media we have a team full of Content Gurus! Content marketing is our specialty, and we don’t want you to spend another day without having a strong online presence. There are so many benefits to connecting with your customers on different online platforms. We create content that gives consumers an inside look into your business. Visit our homepage to find out more information about our marketing packages and let us help you get social today!



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