Have you built a new sales funnel and are excited to see it in action?

Are you looking for ways to use social media to get the wheels turning?

Here are 5 ways to drive traffic to your capture page using social media.

Social Media is the perfect platform for building relationships with your audience and driving traffic to your capture page.
Check out a few of my favorite tips on how to do this!

1. Give Your Social Media Audience an Offer They Can’t Refuse

There is no better way to drive traffic to your capture page from social media than to offer your audience something that is irresistible to them… for FREE.

Everyone loves something for free but even more so when that something will help solve a problem or achieve their goals.

How to Create FREE Content

Know Your Target Audience
In order for this to work, you are going to need to know the pain points and goals of your audience.
What do they struggle with?
What type of information do they find easily digestible?
What goals do they have? When do they wish to achieve those goals?
These are all questions you need to have the answer to.
If you have these answers, then you will be able to create an offer that will be highly targeted and enticing.
For example, if you are selling some type of software then offer a 14 day free trial for a limited time only.

2. Share Your Content on Social Media

Content is King!
Creating engaging and valuable content is so important to the success of your sales funnel, and having a strategy will be a key element in this process. There’s no point in even writing content if you don’t plan on people reading it.

Don’t Over Share
One thing to remember when sharing your content on social media is to not over share.
If you regularly share a post more than once or are posting too many times a day, then you will annoy your audience.
To avoid high numbers of unfollows, make sure to post something unique every time and to test how many times a day works best.

If a particular piece of content works well, then you can repurpose it into a video or something else to benefit from it again rather than sharing the same post.

Place Different Content on Different Social Media Networks
In addition to not over sharing content, it is also important to share your content on the right social media networks.
It is important to remember that not all social media networks are the same, each of them have different audiences.
Posting content in the wrong places will only lead to negative signals which I’m sure you agree, is not something you want for your business.

It is best to master one or two social media networks than to dive in head first and try and manage the all.

3. Start Social Media Groups

While it is key to have your own social media pages, starting your own social media group is something you should also consider.

There are two main advantages of starting your own social media group:
All Members Will Be Notified Of New Posts
This particular advantage relates to Facebook.
If you have been running your own Facebook page for a while then you will know that their algorithms dictate which post will be seen on your audience’s timelines and which won’t.
That’s right, not all of your Facebook posts will be seen by your audience even if they “Like” your page.
You can get around this by starting your own Facebook group.
Every time you post in the Facebook group, the group members will be notified, and all posts will be seen in their timeline.
This does not mean that you should take advantage of this and constantly post overly promotional things.
This would only lead to group members leaving.
But the power to notify your group when you post is priceless!

Establish a Community
The other main benefit of having a social media group is that it give you a great opportunity to build a community around your brand and product.

Because your audience will be able to post too, you will get a true insight into how they interact, what information they enjoy, their pain points and goals.

4. Grab Their Attention with Enticing Headlines

Think about how you scroll down your social media timeline, do you glance at things as you scroll rather than stop at each and every post to read it?

There are so many posts on social media timelines, what is going to make yours stand out and make them stop scrolling?
You can capture the eye of your social media audience with the headlines of your posts.

The headline is usually the first one or two sentences.

Split Test Headlines
Don’t ever assume what will work; it is important to test variations, so you have hard evidence of what actually does work.
You can do this by split testing your headlines to see which drives the most traffic to your new sales funnel.
For example, “Get Your 14 Day Free Trial” might drive more traffic than “Get a 14 Day Free Trial”.
You will be surprised at how the smallest of changes can lead to significant results.

Include Numbers
Which out of these two headlines do you believe would stop people in their tracks?
See how we helped this business get more traffic to their sales funnel
See how we helped this business get 64% more traffic to their sales funnel
Numbers tend to stand out a lot more than just all text.
The more specific those numbers are, the better. It is all very well and good to share how you have helped a customer, but anyone could say that.
Be more specific and give figures to make your social media posts more believable.

5. Use Paid Social Advertising

If you don’t have a social media following yet, then the best way to drive traffic to your capture page through social media is to use paid social advertising.

This will also help to build your social following for organic traffic.
You can create image-based ads to make sure the user doesn’t scroll right past it.
You can also use your headlines and call to actions to stop them from scrolling right past it as previously mentioned.


Social media is a great choice to drive traffic to your capture page, and when implementing the tips mentioned in this Coaching Blog, you should have a fully active sales funnel in no time.

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