With more than 690 million people using the platform to improve their professional relationships, LinkedIn is one of the most successful networking platforms in the world. As a LinkedIn user you have the ability to pursue several different business-related avenues and curate connections that can transform into long lasting relationships. Many users utilize the website to find careers, hire new employees, learn new skills, and promote online advertising. Business to Business companies (B2B) have the potential to flourish when using LinkedIn due to both the sheer number of people who use the platform and the platforms diversity of businesses. It can often be hard for business owners to gain the trust and respect of their fellow peers. Luckily LinkedIn is here to rock your professional world and get your B2B connections booming!

Let’s set the scene, you just created a LinkedIn account for your business and it is time to set up your profile. Your profile will include a variety of items that essentially explain to other users how you run your business, what your company has achieved and how you are present in the market today. The transparency and thoroughness of your LinkedIn page will have a direct link to the credibility of your business, which has a huge impact on your future networking!

If you start to feel overwhelmed with making your presence online, take a second to look at a few successful companies with a large networking presence. It is crucial to make sure your profile looks detail-oriented. This is the opportunity to showcase your businesses talents and skills so don’t rush the process, it will be worth the wait! After you have had time to research other companies, come back to your computer with your stellar profile, and get ready for a massive wave of networking! There isn’t really a better way to describe it other than feeling like a giddy child on Christmas Eve. The only catch is that instead of presents, it’s brand exposure, awareness and a boost in prospective sales. They’re kind of the same thing right? Before moving forward, there is a term that needs to be defined in order to understand how the LinkedIn networking process starts. If you come across any companies that catch your eye, or you see a friend or colleague, you can “connect” with them. Connecting is comparable to sending a friend request to someone on Facebook. Once both parties accept the connection, it will show up on your profile. As you grow your network through connections, your business will start to stand out in comparison to others.After making a few connections, LinkedIn will start to generate page suggestions that are suited towards your business. Take time to make sure you are connecting with businesses that you would be proud to be associated with. A few trustworthy connections will go a lot farther than several unreliable ones.

It’s officially time to start interacting through your networking home page! Take advantage of this space by engaging with others through the posts that they make. Share their posts, comment, and message them with questions or interest. Any interactions you make will create exposure for your brand! The beauty of keeping up with your news feed is that you will be constantly learning new things that are occurring within the industry. In today’s world you have to keep up with trending news or you will fall behind. Updating your own feed often will increase web traffic, boost sales, and spike interest in potential clients. Show the community how impactful your presence can be, and businesses will naturally see your page as a professional organization with the intent to grow.

Along with the free networking and business exposure, did you know that LinkedIn also offers digital advertising? While you are busy messaging potential clients, you can rely on your trusty LinkedIn sidekick to promote your brand! There couldn’t be a more suitable place to advertise your business other than on a networking platform.

You control the advertising process based off of your businesses budget and objectives. On top of that, you will have a very large audience that is interested in what you are selling! LinkedIn’s digital advertising is unique because it creates interactions with individuals and companies that are actively seeking business opportunities. The smartest move you can make as a B2B owner is reaching out to clients in a space where they will be responsive and open to talking about business opportunities.

LinkedIn is something that every B2B should have as a networking tool. Not only is it inexpensive, but it opens up so many doors for your company’s future. You are able to digitally advertise in a space that is crawling with potential clients, creating boosts in sales, and exposing your brand to new demographics. Get your B2B signed up with LinkedIn and watch it grow. Happy networking!

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