Don’t fight it—you know you want to know.

Have you ever looked at somebody else’s picture and thought, “How does their skin look so flawless?” “How in our busy lives, did they drop everything and take the most impressively perfect selfie?” “How did they think of that?” “Why don’t my pictures ever look that way?”

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, it’s time to up your selfie game…
As the Queen of Selfie Snaps; I am here to tell you that whether you like it or not, we live in a selfie-obsessed culture, so you might as well put your best face forward, no?

Here, I’m revealing the science behind the Allison Rose selfie, so you too can get all the likes!

Tip #1: Make Sure the Light Is “Amazing”

Pose in an area with beautiful lighting, either inside near a window or outside. Gorgeous lighting = a more flattering selfie. How will you know if the lighting looks good on your face? Hold the phone in front of your face and turn the camera, so you can see yourself. Look at the lighting at that moment. Now, turn 90 degrees. Make note of the lighting. Glance at the background. Turn 90 degrees again. Note the lighting and background. Keep turning until you’re back where you started. Chances are, you will have found a spot with excellent lighting and a decent background. If not, either move to another space or try again at a different time of day.

Tip #2: Chin Down, Camera Up

I have said countless times that when it comes to finding the best angles for a selfie, it’s all about 1) Keeping your chin down and 2) Holding the camera up a bit higher than face level, which ensures that your features will appear more streamlined.

Tip #3: Crop to Perfection

We are all self-conscious of something. The beauty of a selfie is that you can work around your insecurities. Don’t be afraid to use the crop button. If you don’t like the way a part of you looks in your selfie, get rid of it. A weird underarm situation or a shirt that’s hanging weird? Just crop it out!

Tip #4: Download My Go-To Editing Apps

I like to use several free apps, my favorites being You Cam Perfect, You Cam Makeup and Perfect 365, these apps dub themselves as virtual makeup apps. They allow you to color-correct your complexion, smooth over blemishes, add rouge to your cheeks, and even extend your lashes. But be careful, make it too obvious and your selfie-game cover will be blown!
Using a filter doesn’t always mean you’re trying to hide something or you’re not being you – it can add a special something to an otherwise plain photo!

Tip #5: Find your signature pose and work it!

Whether you’re smiling, slightly tilting your head, giving a captivating stare of sorts or something totally unrelated to any of these techniques, I suggest finding what works for you and sticking with it.

Tip #6: Know when to spice it up.

Now, just because you’ve found your signature pose, doesn’t mean your selfies should lack spontaneity. For example, sometimes I will shake things up by casually laughing in one of my selfies or showing off a slight smile. Sometimes I don’t even look at the camera, but instead let the focus be on my hair or my side profile. Bottom line: find a few poses you like, but also don’t be afraid to stray when it feels right.

Tip #7: Experiment with Angles

Tilt your head to the left and then the right as you view yourself on your phone’s screen. For most of us, we prefer one side over the other. Also, showing off your “best side” is generally more interesting than a straight-on shot, too.

Tip #8: Pose with Something New

Perhaps, you just got a new pair of glasses. Frame the photo to accentuate your new spectacles. If you recently had your hair cut and colored, show it off in your selfie. Or if you just brought home an adorable puppy, pose with your new furry friend.
Tip #9: Do Something Interesting

Take a picture of yourself engaging in a fun activity—snorkeling in the ocean, sitting on a jet ski, or hiking in the mountains.

Tip #10: Accessorize

Throw on a hat, don a wig, or wear sunglasses.

Tip #11: Express Yourself

Smile! Frown. Pout. Or make a silly face. Show your personality or current mood!

Tip #12: Use a QUALITY Selfie Stick!!!!!!

One way to really make your selfies stick out is to get rid of the cheesy ‘extended arm in the photo” look.  I know it seems weird to use a selfie stick at first, but there’s a reason you see them all over the place–they make the photos look really good!

Tip #13: Don’t Overthink It. 

Arm yourself with this knowledge, and then just relax. A trying-too-hard selfie is never going to be a good one. The thing about selfies is that you don’t want them to be too serious. If your makeup looks like it took you an hour to do and you look too posed, you’re not doing it right!

The most important part of taking a selfie is to have fun and be confident!

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